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Origins / ancestries

GG4, developed by GG Strains, may be a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch. Its chunky, resin-covered buds fill the space with pungent earthy and sour aromas transmitted from its parent strains, Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. Taking initial place in each the Michigan and los angeles 2014 Cannabis Cups yet because the High Times Jamaican World Cup, this multiple victory hybrid’s supremacy is not any longer a secret, and customers can search so much and wide to induce their hands sticky with GG4..
Fragrance and Tastes The gorilla Glue #4 strain has the following flavors and aromas: spicy, coffee-like, diesel, sour, berry, earthiness, fruitiness, sweet, pine, chocolate, chemical, and pungent.
might improve these conditions: gorilla Glue #4 has balanced relaxation and stimulating properties. it’s strong against pains of all types, as well as musculoskeletal chronic pain like back pain, neck pain, muscle cramps, and spasms. It also helps with relaxation, creating a fine antidote for sleep disorder. It fights nausea and lack of craving.

THC Content: twenty fifth to 30 minutes,

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