Pineapple Jack




Pineapple Jack could be a mostly sativa cannabis strain whose Jack Herer and Pineapple genetic science collide, combining their soaring, happy effects in unison. weightless euphoria lifts the spirits, helping you retain your chin control high amidst stress and depression whereas still leaving you feeling active and productive. Despite the long period, this one did not occupy peak efficiency for very long, only feeling strong for forty five minutes approximately , then feeling eminently functional and basically lowering from there till it absolutely was barely noticeable at regarding 2 and a 0.5 hours. That said, the consequences were great for all people and created this a pretty excellent daytime medication no matter the activity… it’d be sensible for creative pursuits, information entry/menial sort of work, looking at a movie, etc. — something where sustained attention is desirable would be enhanced by this one. taste and smell-wise, it just about brought the expected Jack Herer bag of smells and tastes, although the smell specifically was top-notch and would be the deciding factor to make us provide this strain a try amongst twenty others. this is often suggested as a fairly motivational and targeted daytime kind of med for those that do not want serious pain relief or enduring top-level potency.


Jack Herer x Pineapple


Bred by DinaFem Seeds


Though this sample probably would not stand out in a row of jars packed with top shelf strains, it actually belongs there judging from its coating of well-preserved trichomes and overall healthy look.


This strain smelled like almost each different top-notch Jack Herer or Jack hybrid (including Jack Flash) and undoubtedly graded among the top examples we’ve had in this vein — super fresh and “cool” lemon-pine cleaner smell with a beautiful backing floral sweetness that seemed to come out more post-grind.


Not quite as “Jack-y” because the smell, the flavour was a bit more muted, with some slightly earthy notes sometimes overpowering the spicy, flowery Haze flavor. The smoke was terribly smooth and non-expansive, making this an excellent selection for patients who don’t need to cough once medicating. It burned away to a light grey ash, showing that it had received a proper flush before harvest.


This was a really cerebral Sativa, leaving one reviewer staring blankly at the TV for fifteen minute stretches and also the others feeling rather energetic and motivated by their tasks. The “staring blankly” review wasn’t because of couchlock or mental sedation, however rather because of the approach this strain causes your attention to dial into no matter happens to interest you at the time, an almost unwavering focus. Physically, the strain started with the hallmark Sativa effects like orbital/eye/head pressure, a rather buzzing body, and an transaction in each mood and pulse rate. There wasn’t much of a direct body result, however we all felt capable and painless throughout the experience, able and willing to take on nearly any task.

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